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Don’t be a part of the $445 billion lost annually due to hacking



Core4 Features

Learn how your site is secured, updated, monitored & backed up with our WordPress Protection Services.

Website Edits

No matter how many edits you need, we have a package for you. Our team of experienced designers are ready for you.

Blacklist Removal

A website can be defaced or completely removed from Google’s search results! Get your website cleaned today!

Malware Cleanup

If you find Malware on your WordPress website we can help you clean and remove it, plus get your site off blacklists.

Hacked Or Broken?

Whether your site has been hacked or looks broken, we cna clean it, fix it and help prevent future hacks.

Speed Optimization

When a site doesn’t load quickly, it affects a visitor’s behavior. See what we do to make your site load fast!

Optimized Hosting

Not only can we secure, harden, monitor, update, and backup your WordPress installation, we can also host it for you!

Website Transfers

Looking to move your WordPress website from one hosting company to another? Our highly skilled team can help you!

Domain Names

Search our list of top level domains, and register it for FREE when you signup for one of our WordPress Hosting Packages.


One Source. Integrated Protection. Optimal Performance.


  •  c4-essential

    Get your site Secured, Updated, Monitored and Backed up daily.

    • 7 Days of Stored
      Backups kept on file
    • Quarterly Updates
    • Unlimited Restores
    • 25% Discount on Graphic Designers & Developers
  •  mostpopularc4-business

    Includes 1.5 hrs FREE Support
    & Edits / Month, plus:

    • 21 Days of Stored
      Backups kept on file
    • Monthly Updates
    • Unlimited Restores
    • 30% Discount on Graphic
      Designers & Developers
  •  c4-professional

    Includes 3 hrs FREE Support
    & Edits / Month, plus:

    • 45 Days of Stored
      Backups kept on file
    • Weekly Updates
    • Unlimited Restores
    • 35% Discount on Graphic
      Designers & Developers
  •  c4-enterprise

    Includes 4 hrs FREE Support
    & Edits / Month, plus:

    • 90 Days of Stored
      Backups kept on file
    • Daily Updates
    • Unlimited Restores
    • 40% Discount on Graphic
      Designers & Developers


We Take it Seriously

WordPress Security & Protection is something that we take very seriously, and so should every small business. That’s why we have made it OUR business. Frustrated with the amount of spam, down-time, lack of attention to your website, and plugin updates? Our Core4 Security Packages were designed specifically to protect your WordPress website and keep it up, running and performing at optimal levels.

Your business is at risk if you don’t protect yourself:

  •   lost revenue and key intellectual property
  •   stolen data and tarnished business reputation
  •   legal claims and retaining your clients

A hacked WordPress site has the potential to diminish your bottom line. We both know the risk.