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Why Should My WordPress Security Be Hardened?

There’s no denying the massive popularity of WordPress. Today, this behemoth powers nearly 75 million websites around the world. Individuals and brands continually choose WordPress over its competitors due to the platform’s developer-friendly content management system, user-intuitive controls, and seamless plugin integrations. Websites powered with WordPress can do virtually anything a designer can code in. Unfortunately, such mass appeal and use also has its downsides, as this popularity has also attracted the attention of hackers and digital criminals.

While WordPress is adept at blocking a vast majority of would-be hackers, the staggering amount of websites running WordPress means that even the most minute vulnerability or security flaw is likely to impact thousands, if not millions of users and brands around the world. And such vulnerabilities are constantly evolving as users forget to update third-party plugins that aren’t monitored by WordPress’s tech team.

This is why the addition of a simple security plugin, no matter how flexible or robust it claims to be, just can’t cut it against the vast majority of evolving attacks, and in some cases may even open a backdoor to a future hacker. This is why when we talk about security, we don’t focus on installing and using standard plugins, but rather about how you can harden WordPress to make your security impenetrable.

Here are a few of the things you should check to harden WordPress:

  • A secured site starts with a secured server.  Choose a server that offers the best in terms of security, stability, and reliable methods for safe backup and swift recovery.
  • Keep your computer clean.  A computer rife with virtual infections should never be used to log into a server or WordPress site. Keep your operating system and software constantly updated to protect against security issues arising from spyware, malware, and other viruses.
  • Harden WordPress with updates.  Just as with your operating system, it’s important to keep updated with the latest WordPress version. That’s because each regular update is done to address the new security concerns that have arisen. While it’s WordPress’s responsibility to keep abreast and resolve potential security issues, it’s the responsibility of the user to follow through with these updates.
  • Establish a strong password.  It’s integral to use a strong and unique password that will be hard for both humans and bots to crack, and to make it difficult for any brute force attack. However, what most people generally know as a secure password is wrong. Frequently, websites will ask you to create an eight-character password using at least one lowercase, one uppercase, a number, and a symbol (ie. C@tch@22). However, while this is great at protecting against human attempts, it’s not so adept at escaping robotic and cracking software attempts as such ‘mangling tricks’ have been in play for more than a decade. Long enough for hackers to plan ahead. Instead, use a combination of at least four random words (ie. markerwindowleftpenguin). The higher number of characters and randomness of the words will make it hard for both humans and bots to guess at. To better understand how this helps harden WordPress and other secured access, check out this comic by XKCD.

For more help on how to harden WordPress, you might consider calling in the experts at Our experienced technicians are adept at keeping your site safe while simultaneously increasing website traffic via redesigning and updating your websites.

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The Importance of Keeping WordPress Up to Date!

WordPress is one of the most popular blog and website content platforms in the world, but its popularity has a downside that has recently been revealed. Even though WordPress is simple to use and provides an extraordinary number of powerful features, it has become a major target for hackers. WordPress security is of the utmost importance for anyone who uses the software, and the best protection against security breaches is keeping the platform updated.

Fortunately, we offer a “WordPress updates Security Package” and we can quickly and reliably do regular updates and security checks for WordPress by our team of experienced professionals.

The Need for WordPress Updates

Studies show that of the 30,000 websites that are infected with malware every day, 87 percent run on the WordPress platform, and many of the attacks are made directly through the front door. It is estimated that a seasoned hacker can crack the average WordPress administrator password in less than 10 minutes.

Most webmasters never worry about hackers and malware installations on their WordPress websites because the problem is not directly in front of their eyes. However, an infected website can be difficult to detect until it is too late. Securing your WordPress website is a task best left to experienced professionals who know how to discover security vulnerabilities and prevent them from being exploited.

How WordPress Updates Can Save Your Website

WordPress is an open-source software platform, but it is professionally maintained by teams of volunteers and, in some instances, paid programmers. When vulnerabilities are discovered in the software, these teams work diligently to plug the holes and make a fixed version of the software available to the public. However, with each version, notes are also released that detail exactly what was fixed, and hackers can use these notes to target websites running older versions of WordPress.

WordPress updates are critical because the information hackers need to attack old versions is being set right at their feet with each new release. Once the website is updated, only hackers who are clever enough to discover new vulnerabilities will be able to break into it.

Professional WordPress Updates Calgary

WordPress updates can be achieved with a minimal amount of work and frustration by hiring a company that does the job for you. For only $30 per month, will continually monitor your WordPress website in order to keep it updated and secure. In addition, five days of backups are always kept on file so that you can fully restore your website in the event of a disaster.

The Importance of Monitoring WordPress

According to the April 2013 TechNewsDaily, approximately 90,000 WordPress websites were attacked by hackers. This has brought the need for increased security and monitoring to the forefront of many WordPress website owner’s minds. While no website is safe from potential hackers, WordPress is one of the most popular web hosting services in the world, making it an attractive target for hackers.

Monitoring WordPress

Consistent monitoring is one of the best defenses a website owner can do to ensure the safety of their online presence and business. By monitoring the website, you can react to unauthorized entry to the site quickly and correct any issues caused by the hackers. Every attack leaves a trace, either on the file system as changes to files or in the logs. You can also see if the hacker has installed MalWare or other viruses that are designed to infect users who visit your site.

In truth, most website owners don’t perform either automated or manual checks of their websites. This is because either they don’t have time or they do not know how to monitor their website and identify changes made by someone else. No need to worry, we offer a 24/7 WordPress monitoring service help protect your websites for hackers: WordPress Whiz. We offer constant monitoring of your website as part of their Protection Services package. This service includes monitoring the website’s up-time, identifying MalWare and CORE WordPress file changes, and recognizing bots or individuals trying to gain access to the website through random passwords.

Other Security Measures

Besides monitoring your WordPress website, it is important to continuously update your WordPress website. Updates provided by WordPress are meant to allow your website to run more efficiently as well as to correct any programming that would allow hackers to easily enter your website and make changes. Ideally, you should setup a regular schedule for updating your WordPress website, so you keep your website up to date.

Backing up your website regularly can also add protection to your website. Having a current back-up can help you restore your website quickly in the event a virus or MalWare infects it and dramatically changes the pages or takes it offline.

Whether you are looking for WordPress monitoring Calgary website owners can trust or a complete protection services package, contact Core4Secured at 1-844-536-7400 or click here for more information.

Importance of Securing WordPress

Internet hackers may be many things, but stupid is not one of them. They appreciate the talents of WordPress as much as you do. In fact, its high degree of user popularity has made it one of their favorite targets.

It’s time to do battle with those Internet bandits, and you can do that by implementing the WordPress security updates Calgary professionals know and trust. You need to stay one step ahead of the hackers, and the timely performance of WordPress security updates can head them off at the pass.

Securing the Database

The WordPress database is one of the hackers’ favorite playgrounds. That’s because it contains your site’s most sensitive information. Such security measures as changing the database prefix, either manually or with the help of a plugin, can aid in foiling them.

Permissiveness Will Come Back to Bite You

When performing WordPress security updates Calgary webmasters must be careful never to give full 777 permissions to any directory, folder or file. Keep the least-risky ones at 755 or 750 and assign 644 or 640 to the rest.

Don’t Give Away the Store

To the hacker, your WordPress version is one of the keys to the mint. WordPress 2.6 and later automatically add the version to the WP_head region, thereby making it visible to anyone who cares to look.  You can manually locate and delete the line of code that does this, or you can use intelligent software that performs this chore for you along with the other essential WordPress security updates Calgary experts recommend.

It’s a Bird; It’s a Plane

On the Internet, a strong username and password can be your Superman, and if you think you’re doing well by logging in as “admin” with the name of your Chihuahua for a password, think again. Those are the first things your friendly neighborhood hacker will try. The proper password protection is vital for keeping them at bay, so if your login specs are weak, fix them.

Your Site May Already Be Sick

A workstation that labors under a malware infestation has already laid out the hacker welcome mat. Regular antivirus scans combined with a strong plan for damage control and disaster recovery are jey components of the best WordPress security software.

Don’t Let it Happen to You

If you’re running WordPress, you’re already under attack. Fortunately, we can provide you with WordPress security updates…a service webmasters have come to trust. We perform the needed maintenance for you. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your website is safe and protected will be, quite literally, priceless.

Check out our Core4Secured Services today!


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