Blacklist Removal

Website Blacklist Removal Services

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen it…that dreaded WARNING when we’ve come across a site that’s been infected with “Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!”

Well don’t worry, we can help get your website cleaned and removed from any blacklisting TODAY!!

Usually this malicious activity simply adds a list or series of links to other sites. However, sometimes a website can be completely defaced or even worse – completely removed from Google’s search results!

This warning is what Google shows when it detects or sees that a website has been hacked. In order to get rid of this message you need to remove all infected code from your website, and then re-submit your site for review by Google. This review process can be done via the Google Webmaster site.

We believe that WordPress is an excellent solution for maintaining your active website, however from time to time (like all software), new methods to hack and exploit it are discovered. The good news is that the WordPress development community is quick to patch these exploits. However, most successful hacking attempts for websites (both WordPress and non-WordPress) can be due to exploits in the security of the company you host with. In addition, your website maybe have lax security permissions and be behind on patching or updates – therefore it may be easier for a hacker to upload and install malicious code or script on you website.

If my WordPress website has been hacked, how do I go about fixing it?

First, it’s always best to speak with your website hosting company. They should be aware of any recent malicious attempts or activity on their servers, and they may be able to restore a recent backup of your website before it was hacked. Next, put in place measures to prevent your site being hacked again. We highly recommend you leave the security of your WordPress website to the experts, and sign up for our Core4 package which includes “Security Hardening, Daily Backups…JUST IN CASE, Regular patching of WordPress and 24×7 Monitoring. Take a look at our CORE4 packages here!

Many web design companies are great at building websites, but routinely forget about doing updates, NEVER MIND properly securing your site in the beginning. You may want to consider moving your WordPress website hosting to another company if you don’t believe they have the right systems and procedures in place. No one can guarantee that your site will never be hacked…we can’t even guarantee that because the Internet landscape changes so quickly. BUT if you want to be sure that as much is being done to prevent it from happening again, do the following:

  • Properly setup WordPress in the beginning with a CORE4 Package.
  • Do Daily backups of your site, just in case.
  • Monitor your site 24×7.
  • Use a web hosting company that understands WordPress’s security issues.
  • HAVE A PLAN…a CORE4 Package…which is your Insurance/Assurance that your website is protected!

Until the end of March 2015, Sign up for our Core4 Business Package for 1 year and get your website cleaned for FREE (a $150 value), PLUS get 1.5 hours per month for Graphic, Text and Developer Edits, and take advantage of all our Customer Perks! Yes, membership does have its privileges! Need proper WordPress Hosting? Add WordPress Optimized Hosting for 1 year and get two months FREE of our amazing Optimized Hosting!