Top Quality, Around the Clock Support

Here at Core4Secure our team’s goal is to provide that top quality support to you and to your customers. Our team is available around the clock to assist you with any of your needs. We are dedicated to the security of your business and offer a brand of support that will benefit you. There are added perks and savings to being a Core4Secure customer, click here to learn more!

Some of Our Clients

We specialize in a variety of industry sectors such as:

  • oil and gas
  • transportation
  • health care
  • educational institutions
  • non -profit

What Our Clients Say

I was initially concerned If the company was going to be able to take the website from just “regular” to professional and customer friendly. What surprised me was the professionalism and attention to the detail that we asked for – coloring, formatting, client appeal. The staff and people are Knowledgeable, up to date on today’s technology, and provide a full service for upgrading. I would definitely recommend them.


I was very familiar with Dean’s work through our long standing relationship with SabreTEC so there were no real concerns at the start. Dean was exceptional with me at the beginning, patiently explaining the process and answering questions. I really appreciated it. Absolutely yes, I recommend these fine folks. Honest, happy and straight forward service.

BEST IN BARTER / SABRE-TEC                 

We were initially worried about accessibility to information and ability to make changes in a timely fashion as well as the cost to achieve our desired outcome. However it was amazing how efficient and friendly as well as professional all the staff was / is… it was and still is a pleasure to work with all of the staff. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend them. So knowledgeable about all that is happening in the world of I.T.


What surprised me was the technical expertise- I can handle a lot of the simple stuff, but making custom additions to or website’s themes, and having the guys available to restore the site when something didn’t update properly has been one of the best parts of working with them as a company. Having our sites designed by Dean and his team has changed the way we interact with our customers. We now have a steady stream of about 50 people a month contacting us through our website, and walking in to our location. This has taken our business to another level. I’d recommend these guys to anyone who doesn’t believe in the power of a great website- we’ve certainly converted.


When I upgraded my website I didn’t completely have a clear view of what I wanted. As we worked through the changes, I would see where I wanted to change things and what I felt flowed better from my perspective. Hudson was my contact and he made it seem like my requests were no big deal and he was always very accommodating. I really appreciated that!! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. My requests have always been promptly dealt with. It was a pleasure to work with Hudson.


Think…long term vision for your company, customer service and cost recovery/bottom line impact. Yes, these are small business; it is only a coffee a day.

If you are looking for Upgrades or JUST help with Updates, we can help.

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