Malware Cleanup

If you find Malware on your website we can help you clean and remove the Malware, plus get your site off blacklists. But, keep in mind, unless you have a PLAN to keep your WordPress website clean, it could happen again.

Many web design companies are great at building websites, but routinely forget about doing updates, NEVER MIND properly securing your site in the beginning. You may want to consider moving your WordPress website hosting to another company if you don’t believe they have the right systems and procedures in place. No one can guarantee that your site will never be hacked…we can’t even guarantee that because the Internet landscape changes so quickly. BUT if you want to be sure that as much is being done to prevent it from happening again, do the following:

  • Properly setup WordPress in the beginning with a CORE4 Package.
  • Do Daily backups of your site, just in case.
  • Monitor your site 24×7.
  • Use a web hosting company that understands WordPress’s security issues.
  • HAVE A PLAN…a CORE4 Package…which is your Insurance/Assurance that your website is protected!

Sign up for our Core4 Business Package for 1 year and get your website cleaned for FREE (a $150 value), PLUS get 1.5 hours per month for Graphic, Text and Developer Edits, and take advantage of all our Customer Perks! Yes, membership does have its privileges! Need proper WordPress Hosting? Add WordPress Optimized Hosting for 1 year and get two months FREE of our amazing Optimized Hosting!